What to Expect from Your House Clearance Team in Harrow

Whether you are planning a full or partial house clearance, if you have decided to hire a company for the task, there are a few points you should check before signing the deal. Here’s what you can expect from a good team of professional waste collectors in Harrow.



The team you hire should have a proven track record of efficiently handling house clearance jobs in Harrow. Check with their previous customers to confirm the quality of their work.


Good Reputation

If the firm you choose has overwhelmingly positive reviews from previous customers, you will most likely be in safe hands.


Free Consultation

The company should be willing to visit your home for free to estimate the amount of work that needs to be done, assess the types and volume of junk and provide you with an accurate quote.



A good house clearance company should have all the necessary equipment to carry out the task in a safe and efficient manner. That includes lifting and loading gear, straps, ramps and dollies, etc.



The vehicle the firm will use to dispose of the waste they collect from your Harrow home has to be spacious enough, sturdy and well maintained. Many companies utilise highly fuel-efficient vehicles to minimise emissions. If you can find such a green company, that can help you minimise your carbon footprint.


Licence from the Environmental Agency

Your chosen company should have all the relevant licences and insurances, and should be certifies with the Environmental Agency for handling waste. They should also adhere to all local and governmental rules and regulations. You don’t want your waste to end up in an illegal dump somewhere, do you?


Good Communication

Your house clearance company should keep an open line of communication with you and keep you well informed about the progress of the work.


Fair Charges and No Advance Payments

Good companies in Harrow never charge in advance. Avoid service providers that demand advance payments, as some of them may end up taking your money and disappearing, leaving the job undone. Choose a clearance firm that offers cost-effective services – good quality at a fair price.


A Safety Guarantee

Your chosen Harrow house clearance team should guarantee that no harm or damage will come to your property and possessions. A reliable and experienced team will know how to safely handle different types of rubbish, including bulky, heavy and awkwardly-shaped items.

Do a thorough research on the company that you are planning to hire to clear away the waste from your Harrow home and ensure it covers all these points to get a high-quality service.


5 Questions To Ask Your House Clearance Company In Harrow


Choosing the best professional company for your house clear-out in Harrow can sometimes be difficult because of the wide range of options you can find in the area. There are many companies that offer clearance services but before making the decision which one to choose, you need to ask some important questions that will show you whether the company can be trusted or not. Here are 5 questions that you need to ask your house clearance company to make sure that you are dealing with reputable professionals that won’t scam you.


  1. Is the company licensed?

Make sure that the house clearance company is fully-licensed and authorised to dispose of rubbish in Harrow. You need to know that the company is legal and will deliver efficient and professional services.


  1. Are they insured?

Although it isn’t mandatory, any reputable company will definitely want to be fully covered just in case any accident happens during the house clearance. Let’s not forget that this is not an easy task and it always requires hard work and lots of effort to carry all of the bulky items and furniture. Knowing that the company is responsible for its workers will make you feel more secure.


  1. What kind of vans are they using?

Any self-respecting company in Harrow will use modern vans that will be spacious enough to collect all of your waste. You shouldn’t have to worry that there won’t be enough space for your big old sofa, bed or wardrobe.


  1. What is the best quote that they can offer?

You need to ask for a quote on your house clearance job so that you will know the cost of the service in advance. Make sure that there won’t be any hidden costs.


  1. What is their standard way of dealing with a task such as yours?

In order to understand whether the company is experienced enough in providing house clearance services in Harrow, you need to ask them how the clearance is going to be done. If they are well-trained and experienced, they should be able to explain all of the important details that you need to know.


The answers to these 5 questions can tell you a lot about a company. You need to research the house clearance companies in Harrow so that you are sure which one can really be trusted. Also make sure that they know how to dispose of your waste in an environmentally friendly way. This will make you feel at peace knowing that you are getting rid of your unwanted stuff in a safe way that won’t be harmful to the local environment in Harrow and to the planet as a whole. It is up to us after all to take care of the area we live in so that we make it a better and safer place not only for us but for our kids. Choosing a responsible company is a step towards living in a cleaner environment so take it seriously and select the best one in your area!