Taking Care of Indoor Plants: Few More Tips

Growing indoor plants provides you several advantages. It is not only the lack of space outside that promotes indoor gardening but there are other factors as well. One of these factors is that these plants when put inside absorb the volatile organic compounds present in the air within our homes. Absorbing of bad air helps us keep our homes fresh with air every time. Indoor plants are our best friends in this respect.You should take care of the indoor plant- pots at regular intervals. You may have to re-pot the plants as the potting mix could become weary at times. Sometimes the plant’s root system may also grow outwards and you need another pot. It is better that you consider re-potting during early winters or early springtime.

If you observe that the plants is overgrowing and bulging out of the pot and even if it is falling over you should shake the plant out of its pot. Take a good garden knife (a kitchen knife would also do) and divide the plant. Alternatively, you can simply re-pot the plant in a bigger sized pot. In any case, the pot must have a sufficient hole for drainage in its bottom.

Using good quality potting mix is the key factor to this process as there are added fertilizers present in this mix. It is coarse and open-grained and facilitates well draining through of water. While placing the plant in another pot you should also ensure that it is not too high and not too low. It should be in the middle position and then you must backfill. In order to permit the potting mix settling down in the pot you may tap the pot well. Then give the plant water. It will help preventing any air space left around the plant roots.

Overwatering of the indoor plants is a big problem. Majority of the people do not leave these plants with sufficient dry time in between the frequent watering. During winters, these indoor plants require almost no or extremely little watering but during summers and spring season, little more frequent watering is required. You must know when to water the plant. One of the best ways is to use your finger to judge the right time. It will tell you if the soil is moist enough or has become dry. Water the plant accordingly thereafter.

I have my own favourite indoor plants. You may your own choice as well. “Madonna” or the “Peace Lily” (Spathiphyllum) is a plant of my liking. It has lovely glossy green foliage and elegant white flower. Putting this plant in the darker corners of home gives the space a different look. This plant easily survives at such spots as well.

“Green Orange (Chlorophytum)” is another plant of my choice. It has green and orange stem colour. It is actually a real zinger. “New Guinea Tassel Fern” in my home adds to its beauty and it is one of the rare indoor plants. Tropical origin of this plant also requires a well-lit place inside the home.

Indoor plants add up the beauty and elegance to the place where we live in. You should also explore more plants and ways to brighten the space in and around your home.