Reasons Why You Should Waterproof Your Basement

One of the biggest purchases the average working person will ever buy it their home. But even new homes may have water problems due to poor landscaping, storm water run-off from nearby properties or from even neighboring streets.

Of course some of these types of water issues can aren’t actually the homeowner’s responsibility. However many times, water infiltration into your house and basement is just a fact of life that you must learn to deal with. This article will explore some of the reasons why you shouldn’t delay in hiring an Atlantic waterproofing expert for your home as soon as possible.


Wet basements create the perfect environment for termite and other pest activity. Termites need two things in order to thrive: wood and moisture. A leaky basement provides both. By using services like Atlantic waterproofing, you can prevent a possible infestation.

Traveling Bacteria

Humid air from the basement can travel to other living areas. Did you know that number of Staph and Strep bacteria increases by 20 times when the air is too moist or humid? While both of these bacteria can cause sore throats and other minor respiratory illnesses, they both have mutate strains that can cause serious trauma even death.

Mold & Mildew

A wet basement can grow excessive amount of molds and mildew. Besides destroying the appearance of your home, many people don’t under just how serious mold or mildew can make be. A toxic level of these simple fungi can cause respiratory problems as well as permanently damage your auto-immune system. If you notice lots of mold in your house you need to get a quote from waterproofing specialist as soon as you can.


A wet basement can increase your allergies. High humidity from damp basements not only increases the number of mold spores in the air but it also aids in the growth of dust mites. Dust mites are tiny bugs that live in homes and feed off of shed skin cells. When you inhale their fecal matter you can suffer skin irritations, red, itchy eyes, sinusitis or even asthma. The best way to stop their infestation is to reduce the amount of moisture in the surrounding air.

Wasted Energy

A wet basement takes more energy to heat. It’s a known fact that it takes more power to heat up a space that is damp and humid than one which is dry. The increased moisture from a wet basement increases the moisture in an entire house. This in turn makes it more expensive over the long run to heat your home.

Wasted Space

A wet basement prevents you from using all the space in your home. In most homes, the basement is virtually a no man’s land, of deep shadows, soggy storage boxes and the washer and dryer. By using an Atlantic waterproofing company, you can dry out this under utilized space and almost double your available living space.

With the pointers from this article, you should now understand some the reasons why investing in a good waterproofing solution can not only save your money but save the health of your family as well.